Comprehensive Specialists versus Broad Generalists – You Decide.

MKA’s focus has always been on delivering customized financial solutions to successful people and their organizations throughout business fluctuations and economic cycles. MKA’s over forty year track record, experience and specialty expertise in supplemental non-qualified retirement and deferred compensation plans, company stock and executive stock option planning, as well as retirement cash flow planning, has made us a leader in helping executives, professionals and business owners to help achieve their goals.

Concentrating our attention on the needs of hundreds of executives, professionals and business owners over the years has enabled us to deeply understand the challenges and breadth of custom solutions available. Large consulting firms profess to offer such expertise but typically they do not have the sophistication, resources and comprehensive experience that MKA has developed in helping clients incorporate deferred compensation programs into their goals.

When it comes to your money and your future look to a specialist not a generalist. Substance, sophistication and focused experience is the difference that MKA delivers. You decide.