Deferred Compensation Strategies – Customized, Tax–Advantaged, Wealth Preservation Plans for Your Key Business Leaders and Executives

A critical piece in retaining top performing leaders and executives is the structure and administration of a benefits package that maximizes compensation. At MKA, we specialize in designing customized supplemental non-qualified retirement and deferred compensation plans and the systems and processes to administer them. We know Human Resources assets are often challenged with doing more with less so we have developed user friendly communication and access systems to relieve the pressure on HR while at the same time providing the oversight and attention your executives demand. We also understand philanthropic planning and strategy that help achieve executives’ savings and future income needs.

Caring for Clients Philosophy – a Fundamental MKA Commitment

At MKA we are committed to a client relationship that is founded on three basic cornerstones: Communication, Accountability and Advocacy. Our service doctrine is focused and defined.


Clarity, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Timeliness, Listening


Integrity, Truth, Trust, Accuracy, Reliability, Confidentiality


Client Negotiator, Program Compliance, Thoughtful Solutions, Problem Resolution