Estate Planning & Personal Wealth Transfer

Estate planning today is less about federal estate taxes and more about asset protection, income taxes, family protection, business preservation, and leaving a legacy.  Many states impose their own estate tax, and the state estate tax systems vary widely.  In addition, non-residents with U.S. property require special consideration.

We all have unique financial, family, business and philanthropic goals.  A properly structured estate plan will take into consideration each individual’s particular circumstances, needs and concerns.

Life insurance can play an important part in estate planning, providing a liquidity solution for replacing lost income and benefits; paying medical bills, funeral expenses and other debts such as mortgages and education; and supporting buy-sell business arrangements.  Life insurance can also provide asset protection or become a source of funds at retirement.

MKA Executive Planners can help you determine the amount of your resources that can be devoted to the purchase of life insurance.  We will help you understand the best available insurance product that provides the desired level of protection and financial benefit, given your premium paying ability, and we can help you decide which plan offers the most peace of mind for you and financial security for your family.

Our services


  • Individuals
  • All types of businesses, including tax exempts and banks


  • Combination life and long term care insurance
  • Traditional long term care insurance


  • Audit all types of in-force life insurance policies for performance and/or regulatory compliance.


  • 409A and regularity compliant nonqualified executive benefit plan design, implementation, funding, and administration for all types of business, including tax exempts and banks.


  • For the ultra-wealthy, premium financing provides an opportunity to transfer wealth with little or no gift or estate tax costs.
  • Specialized, alternative strategy eliminates the need to liquidate assets and make large up-front payments for life insurance policy.

MKA’s Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer Practice is led by John J. Yagjian, Senior Consultant.  Please contact him for more information at or (781) 939-6090.