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Not-For-Profit Key People – The Unmeasured and Unprotected Risk

Posted by Barry Koslow on Mon, Oct, 22, 2018

When Richard E. Wiley passed away recently, he left a huge legacy at Endicott College. As its long time President, he grew the school from what was once a small regional two-year associates degree player to a nationally known multifaceted institution offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. There are three campuses and a large range of options for study. It has an endowment in excess of $60 million, a 50% increase within the last five years.

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Don’t Let ‘em Get Away – Retention Programs That Keep Them on The Job

Posted by Barry Koslow on Tue, May, 29, 2018

It’s the worst!  Your project has developed to the point where you’re about to build the working model and file the application for a patent or FDA approval. The scientist who is heading the project walks into your office and tells you she or he is leaving for another position at the company a half mile down the road.  He or she has led a small team and doesn’t have a back-up. 

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Are you acknowledging the elephant? Aligning physician compensation with outcomes-based reimbursement contracts.

Posted by Dennis Sexton on Wed, Aug, 06, 2014

The current disconnect between payments made to health care systems and the compensation plans of physicians employed by them is an elephant in the waiting room.  Unlike the smooth pendulum swing of the 1990s from fee-for-service to global payments, there are now several new flavors of risk and most organizations are trying them all.  Fee-for-service, shared savings, alternative quality contracts, bundled payments and global capitation all require a different approach to maximize value.  Yet other than niche organizations that focus on one brand of risk and pair it with appropriate reimbursement, is anyone actually doing that?

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The Empress’ Disability Policy – Now You See It ---Oops!

Posted by Barry Koslow on Tue, May, 20, 2014

This is a story about disappearing disability income benefits.  One of the worst tragedies that can befall an executive, professional or business owner is an extended period of disability as a result of accident or illness. 

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