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Not-For-Profit Key People – The Unmeasured and Unprotected Risk

Posted by Barry Koslow on Mon, Oct, 22, 2018

When Richard E. Wiley passed away recently, he left a huge legacy at Endicott College. As its long time President, he grew the school from what was once a small regional two-year associates degree player to a nationally known multifaceted institution offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. There are three campuses and a large range of options for study. It has an endowment in excess of $60 million, a 50% increase within the last five years.

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Bonus Clawbacks at Not-For-Profits: Are They Inevitable?

Posted by Barry Koslow on Tue, Jul, 14, 2015

Many publicly traded companies have provisions in their compensation policies and employment contracts that require bonuses be paid back and recovered by the employer under certain circumstances. 

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CommonWealth Column: College Presidents Need to Be Paid Well

Posted by Barry Koslow on Tue, Apr, 08, 2014

CommonWealth magazine recently posted an opinion piece by Barry Koslow that focuses on executive compensation for leaders of private colleges and universities. The article begins:

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Catastrophe -- Key Player Hit by Total & Permanent Disability

Posted by Barry Koslow on Mon, Mar, 24, 2014

You're on your way.  Your company recently completed a round of serious financing from a major hedge fund and several significant individual investors.  Management has been beefed up so that the "idea gal" can focus on what she does best -- building the greatest and newest health gizmo, one that will improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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Board’s Compensation Role is Key

Posted by Barry Koslow on Tue, Jan, 21, 2014

The media and the public (not sure which drove which) have become frenzied over executive compensation, making broad-brush examples out of a few outliers.  It is time to settle down and realize the importance of a proper balance between what is actually “bad” and what is not.  Legislation and regulation are not the answer.  We need careful analysis, decision making and the willingness to act on behalf of both employees and the organization.

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