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A Good Problem to Have…Savings Alternatives for Senior Executives and Professionals

Posted by Dennis Sexton on Tue, Dec, 12, 2017

Senior executives and professionals in both the not-for-profit and taxable sectors have a problem that most people would envy. Where do they put savings above qualified retirement plan limits? They can’t qualify for a traditional or Roth IRA as an individual taxpayer. Employer sponsored deferral and savings vehicles are subject to regulations that make them restrictive, inflexible, public and insecure, e.g. the executive’s savings may be exposed to creditors of his or her employer. Plus, they can’t access the money easily should they need it.

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Are you acknowledging the elephant? Aligning physician compensation with outcomes-based reimbursement contracts.

Posted by Dennis Sexton on Wed, Aug, 06, 2014

The current disconnect between payments made to health care systems and the compensation plans of physicians employed by them is an elephant in the waiting room.  Unlike the smooth pendulum swing of the 1990s from fee-for-service to global payments, there are now several new flavors of risk and most organizations are trying them all.  Fee-for-service, shared savings, alternative quality contracts, bundled payments and global capitation all require a different approach to maximize value.  Yet other than niche organizations that focus on one brand of risk and pair it with appropriate reimbursement, is anyone actually doing that?

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